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Why I’m done to be Man Enough

“Your strength, your bravery, your toughness: Are you brave enough to be vulnerable? Are you strong enough to be sensitive? Are you confident enough to listen to the women in your life?”

TED get more great Talks



This video by Marco is one of the funniest videos I ever seen in this category.

Italians as you know can be a bit HOT and loud. And if that isn’t enough they (we) use our hands to make a point. If you aren’t Italian than all you see is a lot of hand gestures yes?

But Italians see is as clear as signing for the deaf.



Protesting the protesters Trump VS Clinton

Ohh so you’re guy didn’t win!

Let’s go out and protest and fuck shit up. That’s the fair thing to? Chad Prather has a few things he likes to share with us all.

I know this is a serious subject. But we also need to stop taking everything to serious.

chad prather

Chad Prather on Google +

Before the flood

Watch the global broadcast presented by National Geographic.

Text FLOOD to 52886. Join the Movement!

We have to start caring about what is important and stop thinking about profit….

Learn more >

Some smart people say that we humans can’t effect the planet in a way that will cause a flood. The end of the World scenario if you will. They say that all the “shit” that we have done to the planet don’t have that effect on it.

They say that “don’t worry, be happy and spend money on our super duper products” Don’t think about the environment like that. It’s not us. We are the good guys. We get you stuff that you can afford 🙂

save the planet

80 talet musiken trenderna modet det var tider

Som unga på 80 och 90 talet upplevde vi allt som vi idag tar för givet. 80 talet hade modet, musiken och spelen. Vi gick runt med walkman och hörde musik när vi gled runt på vår skate board eller rullskridskor. Vi hade filmerna. Ungdoms filmerna ja hela paketet.

Vi hade dom snabba bilarna och allt man kunde stoppa i dom av tillbehör och musik.

Vi hade kläderna och modet. Vi skapade stilarna i klubbarna. Vi skapade Yuppie trenden med filmer som Wall Street.

Yuppie nallen = mobil telefonen för dom nyrika. Idag smart phonen.

Idag 2016 har vi dom samma saker som vi hade då. Ok Internet som vi känner det idag fanns inte. Men vi hade datorerna. Inte lika snabba och små som idag. Med dom fanns. Minns du filmer som War Games?

Men som sagt idag har vi samma saker bara mindre, snabbare och snyggare. Men 80 talet lade grunden för allt. Jo vi som var unga på 80 talet är ju dom gamla idag enligt dom unga på 20 år 🙂

Men vi känner oss inte gamla. Vi är den generation som kommer att vara unga längst!

Vem minns inte musiken? Vem kan slå det idag?



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