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The most expensive thing you can own is a closed mind

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook invited 5 people to his Harvard dorm room, 2004, to discuss a business.

Only 2 people showed up and they got in.

The other 3 did not show. Today those to people who showed up are billionaires:

Dustin Moskovitz 6.5 billion US dollar and Eduardo Saverin 3.4 billion US dollar.

So the lesson is…

“The most expensive thing you can own is a closed mind”

“Hate it or love it! But we are on the network”.

Have you seen the movie? It’s really good if you ask me. Good story telling and great cast. It gives you a better understanding on this social media World.

See you online 😉


Online entrepreneur ideas 2016

Back in the day when MySpace ruled social media I worked really hard on something like that only better.

2007 I got pitched to check out a new social media site. “Facebook”. I signed up but I didnt like it at all. It was to white and clean for my taste back then. MySpace was full of color and you could design you’re profile page. I had to surrender to the higher power. Facebook was now the King and I still today can’t see anything that could beat them.

I always dreamt about running my own online business.

Working from anywhere! All I need is Internet connection. That’s freedom baby. That’s my thing. Just me, coffee and my Mac. Working along and having fun.

I finally found something I can work with online. There are tons of ideas out there and all we really need to do is to find that thing we like.

Love what you do and you never work again!

Before I learned about affiliate marketing, direct selling and network marketing I was convinced that I needed a lot of money to start my own thing. Online or offline. Today I know that anyone can be in business with just a few 100$.

Someone once told me that action beats skill! You don’t have to know everything or be the best to win. Just work harder and get the results. A really good sales person can close 4 out of 10 people they talk to. Let’s say you can close 1 out of 10. If you talk to 40 people you can close 4 like the really skilled professionals. What you lack in skill you make up in numbers.

I’m now in the travel and Hotel business – Online. Let me explain why I picked the Hotel business.

The global hotel industry was forecasted to generate 550 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2016. The hotel company contributing the most to this figure was the British hotel chain InterContinental Hotels Group which, in 2013, made 21.6 billion U.S. dollars in over 4,600 hotels worldwide. Other major players in this industry include Hilton Worldwide and Marriott International with 3,992 and 3,672 hotels, respectively, across the world.
Source: Statista

I just need a little bit of that marked. Just a dot of it really. That’s enough for me. I’m affiliated with an amazing company from the US. It’s all online and we offer bookings on Hotels, rental cars, flights, cruises and trips. Only to better prices. We beat the big players on the market 8 – 10 times.

That’s me. But what if travel isn’t for you? No problem. Like I said there are tons of ideas to pick from. Just Google “affiliate programs online” Or “Work online” You have to read between the lines. You have to do you’re do diligence.

Is this business model 100% bulletproof? Hell No! But what is? Like anything else you got to work for it and that’s not a sure thing. Nothing is 100% sure in business or in life. But mlm is a better way! That’s for sure.


“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve” –Napoleon Hill

80 talet musiken trenderna modet det var tider

Som unga på 80 och 90 talet upplevde vi allt som vi idag tar för givet. 80 talet hade modet, musiken och spelen. Vi gick runt med walkman och hörde musik när vi gled runt på vår skate board eller rullskridskor. Vi hade filmerna. Ungdoms filmerna ja hela paketet.

Vi hade dom snabba bilarna och allt man kunde stoppa i dom av tillbehör och musik.

Vi hade kläderna och modet. Vi skapade stilarna i klubbarna. Vi skapade Yuppie trenden med filmer som Wall Street.

Yuppie nallen = mobil telefonen för dom nyrika. Idag smart phonen.

Idag 2016 har vi dom samma saker som vi hade då. Ok Internet som vi känner det idag fanns inte. Men vi hade datorerna. Inte lika snabba och små som idag. Med dom fanns. Minns du filmer som War Games?

Men som sagt idag har vi samma saker bara mindre, snabbare och snyggare. Men 80 talet lade grunden för allt. Jo vi som var unga på 80 talet är ju dom gamla idag enligt dom unga på 20 år 🙂

Men vi känner oss inte gamla. Vi är den generation som kommer att vara unga längst!

Vem minns inte musiken? Vem kan slå det idag?



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